Why Important Is Search Engine Optimization? |Lesson – 5|

Okay, Then what we will do is get the iPad stand. Okay, and that I prefer to use a tool called kW finder. Okay, the is additionally below similarly. So as you’ll be able to see I’ve checked that out Do a quest for iPad stand again in Australia So it gives a ranking of 37 out 100 which continues to be easy to rank Ok, so may well be a possibility, you recognize a product that I need a manufacturer or a product That I need a source. Ok, because I can actually rank for that keyword Sometimes you would possibly want to focus on like iPad cases or iPhone cases, you know, those ones are probably more competitive. So so you’ll still target those but you simply need to have an extended time perspective right so you’ll be able to target these ones first for a brief-term short to medium term and so you’ll work on the more competitive ones like iPad cases and things like that So as an example iPad stands, you sorta also want to jot all the keywords additionally. Right? It’s like for instance IPad stand maybe my primary keyword, okay, but within that article, you may want to incorporate some secondary keywords yet, right, so Secondary keywords may be let so look I’ve had stand Holder may be one Maybe you recognize iPad pro you recognize Mini True it depends it really depends cuz you wish to work out does one actually want to possess one iPad stand or does one want to own an iPad represent each model and target each model? So we’ve to appear at that Best so you would possibly include the keyword best within there some somewhere Let’s have a glance you’ll also filter by search still here. Okay. So let’s just say that’s one page very well, so that’s for one page and What you’ll do is you’ll be able to either Create a category Okay. So for instance, okay, so you have for example this is often your homepage and you’ve got different categories here so C for the category, Okay, and what you’ll be able to do is you’ll be able to have the category called iPad stands So this one may be iPad then within that category you will have different variations of that stand okay, so you may have a indicate the iPad pro so iPad pro you may have one for the mini otherwise you might want to possess you would possibly have one for the air otherwise you could just have as an example iPad stands because the product Itself, like right here. Okay, and as an example right here. Okay, iPad pivot stands and it’ll actually suit kind of any iPad okay because of This one here. you simply have to put that onto the thing. you simply have to get the particular casing for it and so you’ll fit it on to anyone, right? so as you’ll see here on the rear, okay, so you almost certainly need a casing for that and This stand here It just connects to the rear so it can fit any iPad So you’ll be able to just target that as you recognize as a product itself okay, so it really depends on what strategy you would like to try to, but I prefer this strategy because you recognize if you have got you recognize hundreds and many different products it’s visiting be quite hard to jot down unique descriptions and to essentially beat the Competition in terms of the content that you just wear the page and also the sales page because you’re many descriptions to try and do.

Okay, so let’s go and appearance at our iPhone car mounts Okay, this one’s specialized additionally This one looks specialized Okay, so as you’ll see they have the case and they have I believe that’s a magnetic probably Okay, so it is magnetic So you’ll work on any iPhone. Okay, so as you’ll see they have content sections here Targeting keywords. Okay. So for instance what I saw was you recognize, there are also different keywords here. as an example, let’s do I pad stands Okay, I’ve had stands so do a lookup. Okay gets about three thousand searches per month here we’re visiting Filter it by iPad stand. Okay. Okay, so there’s also I pad stands for a bed that is what people are looking for iPad stand on bed iPad stands for bed Okay, so there is a lot of individuals who are trying to find iPad stands for bed That they will use in bed or I’ve had represent a point-of-sale machine so so what you’ll be able to actually do is you’ll be able to have that within that product page still, okay, so iPad represents the point of sale IPad indicate bed like if your products can actually solve that require so you’ll be used for a point-of-sale machine or It are you able to be used for bed, then you may want to focus on that as a full entire page. Okay? So for instance here in your description here, you may have you ever know you’ll be able to use this embed in addition again have an image of somebody using it in bed and Having an outline here. Okay, otherwise you can target it individually, okay, so let’s just do a Google search so iPad stands for bed So you’ll click into the primary results have a glance, Okay, okay, I’m gonna check the competitiveness for this keyboard provides it a touch such Kate so it’s hot a bit hotter iPad. Hold off the bed. Let’s bang search volume here Tell look Okay, so it’s still possible supported the results here. So lots of Amazon listings Okay, so I feel it’s still possible Kindle holder for bed watch iPad in bed table mount for the bed of these are really important for longtail keyword searches, okay, so you would possibly want to jot whatever has relevancy to what product you’re selling Because you recognize when you’re writing in the description, you’ll include that within there because it’s gonna start ranking for those keywords also okay, so Let’s do an iPod stands for point of sale Do a fast little search, okay, so this one’s a bit easier so Let’s do our parts I’ve had indicate the point of sale Okay, in order that looks easy to try and do okay, so this one probably doesn’t have that a lot of searches Let’s have a glance See if it actually uses variety here. If not, you may want to test out Google Adwords Keyword planner Okay, so a couple of hundred and seventy searches per month, you know, that’s not regrettable. Maybe you may have a glance where I’m gonna filter a by point of sale, okay? Okay, so the iPad point-of-sale system iPad indicates the point of sale. Let’s have a glance Okay iPod signify a point of sale Okay, this one here so can be the first you may have a secondary keyword I pad point yourself hold on Okay if you add of these up you may come up to quite few hundred searches per month so it’d be worth, you recognize creating a particular product for Point of sales.

Okay, iPad Mini point-of-sale you recognize, so in order that may well be a keyword yet I’ve had stands for point of sale, Okay, then you may have one I’ve had stands for a small amount, Okay So let’s do that in here, let’s find some secondary keywords for this I’ll get into there so it does take a while to truly you recognize think and research you the style of need to dig through the information and type of use your you recognize the wisdom of what you’ll be able to actually do and you recognize what strategies you’ll be able to actually use iPod stands for a bed that’s not unfortunate 2 hundred searches and Let’s just do filter by results. We’ve also got iPad holder for bed This one’s a bit bit more searches, okay, so it’s gonna put it into here Do a touch search okay, so probably a touch bit more competitive than iPod Stanford bed because it does get more searches further So we’re gonna return here. So IPod stand and iPod stand tablet holder for bed, okay you may want to jot that down also because you would possibly include, you recognize tablet within the article within the outline. Sorry I’ve had bed stand Australia Okay That’s not regrettable. I Bought a full bed tablet represent bed, Okay, so these are all important Okay, so people are trying to find you recognize watching movies in bed, so this Okay because this can be what people want to try to to with it. Okay? So that’s a crucial thing to grasp we are able to actually seek for okay for better to this point. Okay, so you’ll be able to also Include sofa in there such as you can tell them that okay, not only you’ll use it for bed But you’ll be able to also use it on the sofa also let’s examine Flexible tablet holder for bed Yeah, so hopefully you get a thought of okay reading moreover. So reading in bed. So that is what they need to try and do Okay, hopefully, get an inspiration of the way to try this research. And for instance, I started from very broad, you recognize iPhone accessories so I started getting a bit bit more in-depth. Okay, then I style of discovered Okay, these are a number of the competitors or some competitors Which I actually like which are the same size to me because I’m not gonna attempt to compete with Amazon, right? So now I found you recognize, three different keywords, which I kind of want to focus on iPad stands for point of sale iPad stands for bed So maybe I would create a selected category for this Okay like iPods iPad stands so I’ve got a particular product for every, you recognize use okay? Because for bed it is a little different. Okay, so you may want to love as an example Let’s do I better represent the bed. Okay, It’s a style of like that connected but normally a degree of sale is generally Connected just to the table.

Okay, iPad stands we have iPad stands for bed and Rub this out. This one is for point of sale Like that and so you’ll have different categories here further. Okay, so this one may well be you recognize iPhone Comm outs you recognize, you may have that in concert product which might be suited to all high phones okay, otherwise, you can have iPhone compounds because the category and so you’ll have Specific ones for every model. Okay. So iPhone comments you would possibly have ones which Just hook up with the event of the event and you would possibly have one that connects to the D window, Okay you would possibly have some quite rotatable 360 rotatable one Okay Something like that okay, so is just about how I do keyword research I used uber Suggest okay as has the type of expanding my ideas and also searching for longtail keywords. So this tool is at no cost and so I also use KW finder to test the keyword difficulty. I feel this one is the best one to use. It’s like very easy to grasp okay, so as you’ll see here and you’ll be able to actually click into each and they’ll take you to the page so you’ll be able to see you recognize Whether or not you’ll beat it or not sometimes you recognize lots of times that you just may need competitors which are targeting the identical keywords. Alright, so SEM rush, which is that this one here This one is actually good to truly take a look at a Competitor, which is greater than you but like not too big like Amazon or something like that and you’ll actually see which keywords are working for them and the way they’ve created there and structured their pages so it’s gonna provide you with a very particular idea And for instance this one here, this one here could be a bit messy you recognize, if you observe it, it’s just everywhere the place. I’m undecided if maybe they’re trying to focus on, you recognize Like different keywords for every different product, except for me there’s just way too hard to really develop products and that I guess I do not like that one and What you’ll actually do is you’ll be able to on competitors you’ll be able to see what competitors they need. Okay, so these are some similar competitors. So as an example they need, I’m roughly sure what that one is So you’ll be able to click into these ones and you recognize have a glance at What keywords these people are ranking for? Okay, so a crown calm, let’s just do a fast little look So you may find competitors which didn’t really even know existed okay, so this one is rock form I feel these ones can be quite new and Normally over here. you will find the specific category Keywords to focus on because you would like to focus on things which individuals actually attempting to find so normally people have already done that for you I’m just by looking over here. you do not want to travel randomly. Okay, and you do not want to travel and target keywords, which is you recognize way too competitive.

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