What Is SMS Marketing? How to Start and Set Up SMS Marketing?|Strategy & Tips.

Today we’re visiting cover some SMS marketing basics. So you’ve probably heard the term keyword but what’s a keyword? A keyword may be a word, two words, or phrase that represents your business or your SMS marketing list. for instance, if your restaurant is named Hot Wings USA maybe you would like to order a keyword that’s HOT WINGS or HOTWINGSUSA. Another term used is shortcode. A shortcode could be a five or six-digit number used for mass communications and text marketing within the US. for instance, here at ANY TEXT. we’ve got a pair of shortcodes available. 31996 and 69922. So let’s connect the dots. Text your keyword to your shortcode number to opt-in to an SMS marketing list. as an example, the text demo to 31996. The demo is that the keyword, 31996 is that the shortcode.

Once you text your keyword to a brief code number, you’ll receive an auto-reply. What’s an auto-reply? An auto-reply could be a confirmation message you’ll receive back after you join an SMS marketing list. Who uses SMS marketing? Businesses and organizations in every industry use SMS marketing to speak with their audience. Churches, retail locations, restaurants, and e-commerce sites are just some examples. Thanks for watching guys and we’ll catch within the next episode.

Hello, everyone. Today, I’m visiting be talking about one very, very simple strategy that you simply can use to extend not only the readability of your text messages but because you’re increasing the readability, you’re also visiting increase the conversions of your text messages, which for many, you know, SMS marketers, meaning more revenue. So, what I’m visiting do is I’m visiting take my phone, I’ll throw it au fait the screen here, so you’ll see reasonably what I’m talking about. I’m visiting enter a number of these messages and just recreate them if I used to be, you know, the SMS marketing manager, and that I want to use line breaks in my message to form the messages appear a bit more to read. So, what we’re visiting do is I’m just going to copy this and, kind of, recreate it.

it is not visiting be perfect, but it’s going to provide you with a concept of, kind of, where my head sits when I’m creating these messages for clients. So, Bed, Bath & Beyond. I favor how they’re starting with, you know, who it is. I do recommend that for many brands. what proportion will you save? I favor things… So, here’s a fast one. As you’ll see here if you only do a single line break, I do not like that. It still looks quite jumbled, the whole message. And this is often very interesting too. Why it hasn’t caught on for SMS marketing, but it’s caught on for, like, e-mail marketing. otherwise, you never see even a LinkedIn message nowadays, they all have line breaks. do not feel bad in terms of copying those strategies to text messaging. So, confirm you have got a, I assume that would be sort of a double-line break there. So, what quantity will you save? I prefer that because it’s like, “How much,” and then, it continues, you know, on there like, “Oh, I would like to stay reading.” Click to review your deal. Now, one thing to use caution of especially with line breaks is you would not want to try to do this, because which will break the link. And then, I prefer the very bottom. At the very bottom, if you wish to travel crazy, you could go it sort of a triple line break at the very bottom.

And you’ll put the expiration date, reply stop to cancel, or end, you know, any quite terms and conditions apply, you know, only at participating stores… Whatever, What I do not like is at top of their message there within the first part, you know, it’s all just reasonably jumbled up, and really, you know, the click to review your deal is getting the maximum amount, you know, screen-time and play in the same, kind of, area as reply Stop to cancel. You know, I do not like that. So, this might be quite a suggestion. Obviously, you know, you’ll even try stuff like this so it separates the URL, so it isn’t quite jumbled up. Again, this type of thing looks much better than the primary one where it’s all just, kind of, you know, all combined, and play around with it. I’ve even seen some brands that they are doing crazy stuff.

They’re doing like, you know, something more like that which I’m reasonably seeing this on LinkedIn plenty lately because they know that people like, kind of, short snippets of texts. So, that was Bed, Bath & Beyond. let’s have a look at here. let’s have a look at if we are able to redo this one just to give you an example. Okay, so, two pizzas are better than one. I favor that. I favor reasonably leading astray with you recognize, the name, and sort of hook to urge them hooked. And then, let’s see. We’re gonna put… And sometimes I do that, is I work sometimes backward because it’s sometimes easier where you are like trying to work out what’s going on, you know, so, I sometimes work backward. I take, like, the participating staff, you know, you may even do, you know, it’s getting a touch more extreme here, but I could take this, you know, and that I Now, who knows. You know, something like this where you could for each, you know, with code, you know, something.

Again, you know, study it on a phone. this is often why I always recommend people test it on the screen. as an example they seem to be a, you know, software provider, it might look often because the screen is like this big, but on the phone, it’s really small. So, you know, maybe something like that. You know, you may even combine this if you want, you may something like that.

You know, something along those lines, or even like even to stay it reasonably on one line especially if you’re trying to mention like, “You need to click here Let’s do another here. Let’s do this one. So, this can be Haliaeetus leucocephalus. Okay, Oh My Gosh Sale. this is often cool too. this can be an honest reasonable reminder is you’ll be able to use cap locks, you know, on your characters, and it, kind of, helps split things up, and sort of draws attention in several areas so as they’ll see off everything. I kinda like doing the LinkedIn method here where it’s like with an extra… So, 60% off clearance, plus an additional 25% off clearance, online only. Again, you have got to reason, you know, for this one, 60% off clearance plus an additional 25% off clearance online only, you would possibly want to separate those up because maybe they apply to every other, so you do not want people to be similar to, “Oh, I could get 60% off or 25% off online.” So, you bought to form sure that, you know, you’re putting those line breaks in, appropriately. And again, I prefer putting the items that are, kind of, the limiters for the promotion, you know, I prefer putting them at the very, very bottom. Oh, you recognize what? Actually, I’m visiting to do that.

I’m visiting go… I’ve seen this before, and that I like this. And let’s do like that, and let’s capitalize this, yeah, you’ll be able to even do… Again just quite mixing things up so, you know, the message just looks a bit different. let’s have a look at if we are able to see what it’s like. what’s happening during this message? Like, there is a lot of information, you know, or simply plenty of stuff, you recognize together. And then, you observe this one, it’s like, “Oh My Gosh Sale.” And then, “Oh, I’d want to read more. one-fourth off everything, 60%… Like, it’s just easier for the mind to grasp what is going on here. And if you create it easier for people to read, it’s visiting easier for them to click, they’ll understand what they’re clicking, so then they’re going to click. Just a far better experience. I feel we’ve learned some things. First off, celebrate with the message. If you would like to travel three line breaks, go for it. you recognize there’s nothing within the rules that say you cannot do, you know, three line breaks. Try using capital letters because it, kind of, mixes things up, and it quite calls attention to certain areas.

Maybe, you would possibly even want to try and do something like, you know, “SHOP NOW,” you know, to actually draw attention thereto, but then, it breaks, you recognize the text message. Again, test it on your phone, test it on yourAndroid, see, you know, how it’s. And then, you know, just quite mix things up so every single message may be a little different, and it reasonably surprises people. Also, if you’ve got those that are, you know, acting on LinkedIn posts, or Twitter posts, or Facebook posts, just start observing what they’re doing, then taking that sort of cues for your messaging. But again, this looks… and that I haven’t spent that much time on this, but this looks way much easier to read, it’s cleaner, you know, I believe it’s way better compared to reasonably the highest message. Again, just a fast way, it doesn’t take any extra software, it doesn’t really take that even much time to extend the conversions and readability of your existing messaging.

If you have got a tip, a suggestion, anything about text message marketing, a question, be at liberty to depart it within the comments below, and we’ll do our greatest to answer it. Again, thanks for tuning in and that we foresee to reproof you soon.

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