What is SEO? | How Its Work and Importance to Rank website on Search Engine? |Lesson 1|

In this tutorial, I will be inquiring SEO for beginners and I will be using Yoast SEO to optimize a WordPress website But maybe if you’re using Shopify or another content management system, you’ll be able to still use this guide But you simply need to follow the identical principles and understand where you’ll be able to actually edit the on-page SEO part for your website ok, so My name is and I am gonna be hunting the five-step formula to rank on pagination one So in stage one I’m gonna be talking about understanding SEO and stage two are prying keyword research and also competition analysis Then we’ll be moving to stage three which is on-page optimization then stage four off-page optimization and Stage five analysis okay, so finally I also provide you with some actionable tips and advice to also boost your rankings, right so What are you able to actually use this guide for this you’ll use this guide to optimize your own local website or a blog or e-commerce? Website and convert them to sales otherwise you can actually just use this guide for educational purposes and perhaps you’ll help clients you recognize to optimize their websites and fine So what’s SEO right computer program optimization it basically means optimizing your website. So it ranks on These search engines as an example on Google and Bing and other things like that Right so so you’ll actually get organic traffic to your website So this can be actually the simplest traffic source that you simply can get because people are searching for exactly what you have got to supply Right. So for instance, if you’re doing paid advertising on Facebook ads, I’m not saying that it’s bad I’m just saying compared to it. this is often something that you simply actually need to concentrate on for your website or your business, right? Because if you’re doing paid advertising, you’re only guessing what they need, right, you’re interrupting them. as an example, they’re watching TV and they are scrolling through their Facebook prey on their mobile during an ad on TV But they are not really searching for a carpet cleaning service if that is what you’re offering, right? there within the mindset of you recognize gazing what their friends do and stuff like that right there not really trying to find a carpet cleaning service because their carpets clean already but to Illustrate you recognize if you’re ranking on Google and your ranking for carpet cleaning in a very specific location People even have that problem that desires to be solved right? So they’re those that people are literally trying to find that solution and that they wanted urgently Okay, if you’re ranking there then you’re gonna have a very good chance of converting those to sales and there are thousands and thousands of individuals who are looking for exactly what you have got to supply and Once you really start ranking, then you get consistent visitors to your website at no cost and everyone you wish to try to do is maintain that, okay So I’m gonna explain a bit bit about how Google actually ranks your website that the very first thing they are doing the foremost basic thing is that they scan your website. So let’s observe|take a look at| to observe|study this website here Forbes travel guide Okay So how they scan your website is that they look at the content of your pages, you know, does it even have the keywords?

Which the user is truly trying to find so Google’s job is to supply the foremost relevant you recognize the rep most relevant answers to its user’s search query, right? so whatever they’re trying to find if they’re trying to find this cost study is Este beach resort. I believe that’s how you pronounce it Okay, then you better bet that that keyword should air that page, right so that they actually study the page source so if you right-click and look at that page source, they appear at The code here and whether or not you recognize, the content is said to what the user is attempting to find in order that is that the start. So what that’s gonna tell Google is, you know, is that these websites? Relevance and is also this website a helpful resource? So normally when people actually link to a particular page, it implies that a page is a form of important Okay, it gives that page what we call link juice, right? So as an example, this Forbes Travel Guide, it’s linking back to the hotel website, right? so if you really click into that then that’s gonna link to the present hotel website and that is basically visiting tell Google that you simply know, this website is kind of trustworthy because Forbes is truly linking thereto Right. therefore the second step is truly getting links to your website So I will be probing that the way to get links later But that’s basically the most two factors that Google uses to calculate it Right, then there are other things which are the click-through rate. therefore the click-through rate is for instance if we actually head to Google and Let’s just do maybe best hotels in Bali Okay, if if you’re actually looking for best hotels to Bali then when people are browsing that like as an example if I’m a User or a customer and I am scrolling through the results here and that I don’t click on these two results Okay I click on this result because basically the title here and also the outline is far more form of Clickable and these two get clicked less. So this one’s visiting gets the next click-through rate. So more people are visiting click through it Fewer people are gonna click through to those websites. Okay, which will mean a coffee click-through rate. So Google takes that into consideration further So we’ll be looking at the way to optimize those settings later But basically user experience is another factor. so how long does the particular user spend browsing this website will actually tell lots to Google whether or not this website may be a valuable resource Okay, so if people click onto your website and that they examine it and you have got some really really bad picture otherwise you know Really really bad layout and content people are gonna do that website and Google goes to grasp that website isn’t a decent website and they are not gonna rank you right so it’s really important to require that into consideration Another factor is that the speed of the web site So if your website takes longer than I believe three or four seconds to load people are gonna execute your website Another factor is mobile-friendliness. So it’s really important to possess a mobile-friendly web and you’ll check your mobile-friendliness on a page called.

I think the sponsor Nader comm So you’ll be able to connect this URL. So basically they take everything into consideration So your goal is to create an internet site the simplest you’ll be able to for the user So make the user happy and solve an issue and provides amazing value. so basically you will get ranked Ok, so it is also really important to grasp that Google makes most people money from AdWords So AdWords is that the ads over here So if someone actually clicks into that ad then the advertiser, for instance, This pure brightening cleaning company will need to pay Google Ok, so Google makes most of the money from its computer program and AdWords. So it’s really important that you just know Google provides the most effective user experience When people actually using their free program, so people can keep returning to the computer programme Keep using it keep clicking on their ads ok, so So you gotta really understand that and if you’ve got a foul website that does not provide any value then it isn’t gonna rank Alright, so there’s three differing types of search queries Informational so what meaning is people are searching for a solution to an issue So for instance, you would possibly be counting on a way to make money or a way to do SEO a way to reduce you recognize, those are informational sorts of keywords or people can be doing earphone reviews or the most effective TV or best HDTV review those styles of informational keywords, and you’ve got also got navigational so navigational is People know where they require to travel But they use Google as some way to navigate through that website because they could not know the domain So as an example people may be on Google anyway, and there could be like typing in Amazon or something like that or Amazon AWS Which may be a Amazon service, you know, as an example Some people do not know the precise URL so they are not visiting type it into here But they use the Google search to navigate thereto page okay, then there’s the transactional styles of keywords So people are looking to shop for something or spend money for instance carpet cleaning in a very specific location so people are searching for a service and they are really likely to shop for or it’d be for like an e-commerce store may well be for like buy shoes online or buy a selected pair of shoes online Those are transactional. So what we’re visiting be specializing in is transactional and also informational Informational is actually important because you’ve got more control over that because you’ve got more creativity in terms of what content you’ll create and you’ll be able to target more keywords and once you really target those keywords and you begin ranking for these keywords, which a number of them i actually kind of highly hunted for then you’ll be able to start using that you just know that your blog or something like that or that page to travel back to your shop page or to your services page.

Alright? so What we’re gonna be doing is finding keywords So I’ve structured this into three sections local blog and private and e-commerce therefore the principles are just about the identical but there are some slight differences and that i want to travel through different examples to assist you Understand a bit bit better If you do not want to travel and watch specific parts, you’ll use the time status below to skip to the foremost relevant section but I highly recommend watching the least bit because yeah, i believe it’s really Important so for this a part of the video, i will be browsing finding keywords therefore the basics of finding an honest keyword is that you simply want to seek out a keyword which is type of Related or really relevant to what you truly should offer, right? you do not want to rank for something that you just don’t actually provide So maybe for instance, you’re selling organic coffee beans Then you do not really need to a minimum of initially rank for a broad term for instance, like coffee Okay, because when people are attempting to find coffee on Google, you know, they could be trying to find definitions otherwise you know all types of various things such as you wouldn’t know right but there are lots of searches but you recognize Not many of them are trying to find again coffee beans So it might be much easier for you to rank your website And also you’ll convert higher also you’ll likely have less competition and you truly satisfy the visitor if you really target what you’ve got to supply Okay. So once you really get some results it’s gonna build your confidence up with SEO and so you’re gonna be ready to dominate so I’m gonna actually bear a Example so I’m gonna do a neighborhood carpet cleaning business as an example to indicate you type of everything that I do to seek out the keywords, okay? So as an example, like all the tools and everything, I’ll show you everything straight away. Okay, so What I normally do is I probably write it down on a bit of paper during this case. I’m just gonna type it out So this can be a carpet cleaning business So on behalf of me, i’d kind of put myself within the shoes of the customer okay, what would they be trying to find after they merely spilt, you recognize coffee on their carpet, you know, they’re probably hunted for like carpet Cleaners in Melbourne or they could search, you recognize carpet Cleaning in Melbourne, and that they might even rummage around for the way to remove Coffee stain from carpet Okay, so these two keywords are highly transactional this one is more informational so people are searching for a how-to Okay, so supported your seed keywords. What I do is i’d copy the The keyword so head to Google. Okay, so just paste that in then do a Google search so what we’re gonna do now’s basically get some more keyword ideas and that we can do this by just staring at our competitors websites and see what they’re actually ranking for. So I’m gonna open the primary result here and perhaps it’ll come with this one here cobble cleaning Melbourne.

So let’s take two examples So when we’re actually watching the web site here, you’ll just attend the highest a part of the web site here And normally they’ll have services, Okay, so if you really see here, these are all the keywords that they’re targeting their main keywords Okay, so it’s very easy to determine So if you return to the present one here a special website you’ll be able to also hover on the services and you’ll see the keywords that they are targeting that the targeting carpet cleaning duct cleaning tile and grout cleaning Basically, this can be gonna provide you with some more ideas Like if you’re unaccustomed the industry this can be gonna provide you with plenty of various ideas of what people actually looking for and what I’ll do is maybe just observe all the services and so put them on a Notepad or something like that. So i might do parenthetically This one tile and Grout cleaning then we’ll try this one in addition Okay, so obviously type out those that you just Will provide as well? Okay so I’m not visiting type out of these ones that’s where I’ll do to get some keyword ideas of what pages that ought to I create for my business and What keywords should I target? Okay, once you have got those seed keywords, okay? So you ought to have probably like 10 to twenty different keywords supported their website here, Okay, just staring at those services. Okay, then what I do is visit an internet site called ubersuggest So if you move to Google and just type in ubersuggest and click on on the primary result we must always take it to neo Patel’s website and Here we will enter within the keyword. So Carpet Cleaners in Melbourne. i’d paste that into here the keyword and choose web here I’m gonna select the country. So I’m visiting select Australia so I’m gonna hunt for English then type in Australia click on lookup Ok, in order that says there’s a volume of six thousand and 6 hundred. So this can be by the month So there are six thousand 600 people searching per month approximately Okay, and therefore the CPC which implies cost per click and that is almost ten dollars therefore the cost per click is that if you truly look here you will see that over here on the there’s add Okay, so these are Google ads and advertisers, for instance, this guy here Carpet Cleaners Melbourne. This company is advertising using Google Adwords So if someone actually clicks thereon result, then this company will need to pay Google $9 60 per click. Okay, in order that almost gives you a sign of how competitive the keyword is. Alright. So normally the upper the CPC the more competitive it’s okay because you recognize people are paying for instance, you recognize $10 per click. So obviously these free results here Okay, they’ll be quite competitive because these are all free, Okay you do not should pay Google if someone clicks into your website so gives you a sign of how competitive it’s.

So as an example, if you click over here on the search volume Ok, you will see cheap as chips Okay, so chips are cheap as chips could be a company and also the CPC is sort of low only 58 cents the explanation why it’s quite low is that cheapest chips people are literally typing that into Google but that’s not a kind of a transactional keyword, right? that’s a navigational keyword. So people are navigating to its website, Okay, so it wouldn’t be for anyone the other advertiser to be targeting that Keyword, okay because people are looking specifically for this keyword and they are not gonna click on the rest So there’s not much point and as you’ll be able to see there aren’t any Google ads here. Alright, so If we return here Then what you are doing is you examine all the various keywords. Okay. So what I do is simply copy them probably to your clipboard or your notepad here and replica down all those different ideas, like everything that’s associated with what you truly should offer so as an example and a minimum of cleaning Melbourne, therefore the end of the lease is essential you recognize after you’ve got found a brand new place Then you wish to wash that house for the owner before you’ll be able to actually get the bond back Alright, so we’ll have a look at all the various keywords here. you may prove Provide office cleaning, okay I’m gonna scroll down you may provide commercial cleaning you would possibly just copy that down. Okay, Vacate cleaning. in order that is sort of the identical because the end of lease cleaning Right so different people type in numerous stuff. Okay, so it is important to know that this one is bond cleaning Okay, so these three here I just about the identical thing, but, you recognize people type at various things Okay, so this can be visiting provide you with lots more idea of what keywords people are looking for and what keywords you’ll actually create pages specifically for therefore we have got here our greatest carpet cleaning in Melbourne So you have some type of modifiers. These are called so invest. Alright, and you have also got people typing in cheap Okay, so you’ll be able to copy down of these little keywords and things like that And once you really create a page then you’ll actually add these keywords onto your page So when google scans your website, they’ll see that you simply have that content on the page. Right like as an example affordable Ok scrolling down and you may find some informational styles of keywords. Alright, so we will search down here for instance carpet cleaning cost ok copper cleaning cost is People want to understand what quantity does it cost for carpet cleaning services. So what I do is copy that down also Ok, so for these kinds of keywords, what I’ll do is I’ll create blog posts for these Alright, so blog posts are kind of different from pages These are quite similar, but you recognize it’s reasonably different these ones have a collection layout and that they look something like this so blog post looks something like we scroll down here I believe these guys probably have a blog I can not click on the blog and it’s a form of like a writing format right prepare your home for the coldest season So this one is perhaps Winter cleaning tips, maybe that’s their keyword targeting. Ok. So this can be the blog post ok, so you’d probably create a blog post which is covering Much it cost to wash the carpet

Okay, so people may well be attempting to find this keyword so they could land on your page so they realize okay it is not that expensive so they assert oh, okay. I’d hire this company. Okay, so it’s kind of sort of a picture this right? So, for instance, McDonald’s they provide I believe in Australia a minimum of they provide really cheap soft-serve. Okay, so what they are doing is that they put the soft serve and make it really cheap in order that they attract people there and once a pick a cheerful meal or sort of a Big Mac meal the identical thing with 7-elevens. Okay, they sell $1 coffee in Australia in order that they attract people there so, you recognize people go there and that they might buy different stuff, for instance, you recognize top off the car or whatnot. Okay, because the $1 coffee Okay, so think about your blog section on your website think about it as a variety of an area where you’ll attract people in to form that brand awareness and Once people are there then people can see all you offer that service further. Okay, and It’s highly likely that there’ll hire you because you recognize They realize that you’re providing the value which you’re an expert in what you really do. So this does actually take your time Okay, so this is not such as you know a one-hour thing this is often pop this probably take you to prefer several hours to you recognize Find keywords and appearance for the keywords and put all of them on a notepad, Okay, once you really have them within the notepad, then you ought to form of organizing them into you recognize What pages you would like to create? very well, so if you really Draw that out. Okay. this can be the mind map that I created So as an example on my home page I’m gonna target carpet cleaners Melbourne as my primary keyword My secondary keyword is that the same one, but it’s in Melbourne in there. Okay? okay, and one secondary one, but it should be very similar. Okay, you would possibly have you ever know modifier in there or something like in or cheaper affordable anything like that? Okay, so this one can be primary keyword may be tile cleaning, Melbourne Secondary maybe tile cleaning in Melbourne Okay, you do not want to confuse Google and target? you recognize all varieties of keywords on one specific page and it is also important because if you really target as an example attend this website here Let’s go-to tile & grout cleaning. Okay, when people are attempting to find tile and grout cleaning They’re trying to find tile and grout cleaning. Okay, so so you must have images of you recognize tiles and stuff like that so, you recognize as you’ll be able to see they need a video there and that they have content associated with what that’s you recognize, that user is really looking for okay, so if you target such as you know multiple keywords on one specific page then people are gonna have a look at it and they are not gonna be the style of drawn to it because you’re everywhere the place. Okay So immediately once you’ve actually had you recognize, your list of keywords, it is time to a variety of take a look at the competition and see Whether or not you must opt for that keyword otherwise you should try it and find a distinct variation of that keyword.

Okay, so we are able to try this manually and to try to to that manually if you truly type within the keyword in Google alright then you’ll be able to scroll down and you’ll be able to the primary thing that you simply want to determine is is that keyword actually within the title of the web site. Okay. So this one is Carpet cleansing Melbourne. Okay, so it’s a variation of it. Okay, but it isn’t exact, and If you scroll down here the identical thing carpet cleaning in Melbourne, okay So this one’s Carpet Cleaners in Melbourne, so it isn’t exact but it’s a really similar Variation scrolling down and just staring at of these ones. They’re all pretty similar and that they do have variations of that keyword and To me. they are doing have that within their URL still and that they do have a number of the keywords in the Meta Description, okay, so What we’re doing now’s because Google actually scans your website And checks whether or not you have got that keyword on your page then you recognize this can be one amongst the foremost important factors that are you wish to be looking for? Okay, then you would like to be gazing at the web site. Is that keyword? Within the content, okay So you are doing a ctrl F which will cite this window here and so you’ll attempt to paste in your keywords so your one so basically implies that you’ve got a chance there So let’s search up cop cleaners, Melbourne. Okay, so that’s not in there carpet cleaners, okay they are doing have carpet cleaners within the content, but i believe there are targeting carpet cleaning Melbourne Okay, so they’re talking carpet cleaning. Let’s see. All right, so appears, you know, i believe 15 15 times on the web site. Okay, so when google scans a web site, they’ll see okay This website is said to carpet cleaning, and let’s do Melbourne Okay, they need one in all those keywords on the page, right, and let’s do Melbourne carpet cleaning That appears ninefold, right? so that they have that keyword on the page. So what you would like to test for is? The h1 tag, so normally it’ll be the title So you’d highlight that and so you click on inspect and you will see whether or not they’ve optimized the heading one tag To be their keyword. Okay, normally the heading one tag. that’s their target keyword So as you’ll see their target keywords carbo cleaning Melbourne So we’re gonna close that So this page obviously, it is a medium competition I’m gonna show you low competition keywords so you’ll be able to see the difference alright, so if we actually head to parenthetically Carpet cleaning in Cairo I’m virtually sure if people in Egypt actually use Google actually, but this is often just an example. the Meta Description. Okay, so I’m gonna open that in an exceedingly new tab Carpet Cleaning Cairo Egypt Okay, that’s good.

open that in a very new tab this one doesn’t have it either so it doesn’t have Kabul cleaning within the title and We’re gonna open that still, okay, so this may provide you with a sign of Basically how competitive it’s supported just the title itself? So it’s got nothing to try and do with Kabul cleaning, right or even it does but They’re targeting pest control on this page Okay, so to me that appears sort of a low competition keyword in Cairo Egypt So if we glance at the page, yeah, then you are doing an effect find Carpet cleaning. Okay, so it appears twice. it isn’t regrettable and Let’s search up Cairo. Okay, so it doesn’t have Cairo in there. Okay So as you’ll see this website is quite old furthermore Okay Just taking place. Okay, this book this page is sort of old and if you are doing control find carpet cleaning Okay, it appears five times. Okay. Let’s check the heading one tag, or it’d not be a heading one tag okay, so as you’ll be able to see, that’s not Encapsulated within the h1 tag, in order that they haven’t optimized page plenty. And as you’ll be able to see, it’s quite old similarly This one here. Okay. I do not think that’s any good this one here, I believe may be a Manufacturer of carpets. Okay, instead of a particular carpet cleaning service I feel they could have it that they haven’t really optimized a page So if you are doing highlight this which could be the title, let’s see. Okay, so that is the heading one tag They haven’t optimized it. Okay, they need just put home because of the h1 tag. So when scoot google scans our website there It’s gonna tell Google that’s you recognize, it just says home, okay So this one could be a low competition keyword in Cairo Egypt, but a medium competition in Melbourne, Australia Alright, so what you’ll also do is you’ll be able to also download a Chrome extension so you’ll search up Moz bar chrome and What you’re doing now could be a navigational keyword search. Okay, so here it should be the highest results click into it then you’ll be able to actually add that to Chrome so join up for a free account ok, once you’ve done that and it’s activated then you’ll actually turn that on and so We’re gonna do a refresh Ok, so this can be visiting offer you a PA and a da so a da stands for domain Authority PA stands for Page Authority, therefore, the higher it’s the harder it’s for you to truly rank. Okay, so this one is yeah medium competition it’s a website authority of around 20 to 30 If we actually do the identical for the Egypt one you will see that is the page Authority here is six and also the main authority is seven so you’ll probably rank for this keyword in Egypt for Probably during a week some, but this one here will probably take you some months and acquire a minimum of So if we hunt for a high competition keyword, as an example, let’s examine the way to slenderize Okay, it’s taking place you will see that the PA and also the DA is going to be higher. So as you’ll be able to see the PA is 55 da could be a – Okay, the DA is 62 here. And if you scroll right down to rank within the top 10 you will have to own a minimum of 30 so this one will take you plenty longer to truly rank for right so you’ll be able to try this for every one of those keywords here.

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