What is SEO? | How Its Work and Importance to Rank website on Search Engine? |Lesson-4|

So for instance, imagine this when you’re writing a blog post image that’s the particular as an instance a cooking pasta or something like that, right? So you cook the pasta first so you really, you know, add the seasoning just like the salt and therefore the pepper, Okay, so imagine this because the salt and therefore the pepper you only want to feature a bit Okay, where it’s natural if you add an excessive amount of, there’s gonna be too salty except for search engines, if you add an excessive amount of, you’re gonna be over-optimizing it and it is not gonna look good For people to truly read. Okay, and you would like to make content for the user? Okay, not for search engines. So Google actually states that Somewhere, but I’m not gonna show you right away. So, you know, it lists of these things here must liquidate Bali Things like that and you’ll incorporate within this one blog post, okay, so you’ll be able to cover of these different keywords and Overtime, as an example, you will be you recognize ranking for of these random keywords as you’ll see, you recognize Santorini dave does so at once I’m gonna bear e-commerce SEO so eCommerce SEO i believe it’s normally more competitive because you’re targeting buyer keywords and you recognize when you’re actually doing e-commerce research and any keyword research isn’t really black and white It’s grayer and you’ll sorta just it to what you wish and what you really sell and you recognize How you really want to position your business and things like that. So I’m just gonna take an example. as an example an I wanted to begin an iPhone anything the iPhone accessory, so I’m gonna do some research for iPhone accessories and you recognize see See the landscape and see what I can actually do see which keywords that I actually want to focus on by watching the metrics So maybe you’ll get some ideas on the way to do yours also, right? So i would like to sell iPhone accessories and this is often probably the primary thing that i might want to you recognize Search au courant Google. So I’ll do I phone accessories because i would like to seem at you recognize, what are My competitors doing for the keywords for his or her category pages homepage. Also their product pages, right? So i would like to seem at you recognize, what they’re currently selling and seeing what the chance is. Okay, because you recognize If you only move into a distinct segment when you’re fresh into a distinct segment where plenty of individuals are already Dominating then maybe you’ll find something that you just know not many folks are selling but there’s decent search volume then you’ll be able to focus in on as an instance iPhone cases could be a reasonably, you recognize saturated niche where there is a lot of competitors but you recognize we are able to maybe find something else which has got to do with iPhone accessories or some quite accessories for your phone and that we can see you recognize what we will actually target for the short term for ranking and perhaps you recognize for the long run you’ll be able to start ranking for iPhone cases very well, so, you know, I’ll just leaf through everything here. Like for instance, i’d write everything I’ll open up a text pad Let’s just change the dimensions you recognize phone cases I’ll just quickly write of these things down wired phone Charges you’ve mounts you bought Bluetooth headsets What else have we got Yeah, i believe that’s all we want.

Okay, So those are all the things that you just simply know are related to what I’d prefer to sell Okay, maybe I don’t want to sell speakerphones which I do not must you recognize Put that in. Okay, because it is not a product fit. Okay? So once we’ve got that then what we are able to do is we are going to copy that then we are going to visit Buber suggests so let’s move to the bursa. Jest. Okay type that into Google it’s a free keyword tool it’s probably not Sometimes it doesn’t work still as a Google Keyword planner, but with Google Keyword planner you’d wish to truly have a stuffed with life account So after you really doing keyword research, you want to start off locally or wherever you sell. Okay, so From experience, you recognize if you’re starting up an e-commerce store you haven’t started yet I prefer to recommend coming out locally first and then expanding because you recognize, there are plenty of taxes you recognize customs and each one those styles of things after you are still international. So and you furthermore might get more Preference in ranking additionally. Okay, so we’ve got the keywords here thrown cases what I might wish to try to do is perhaps do let’s do our phone Mounts, okay, so we’d get some keyword ideas to figure out you recognize what is the search volume for this specific keyword and also maybe am I ready to can get another idea for the other things as well? Okay, because instantly we might prefer to try and just broad keyword research to see you recognize What categories are we gonna target and things like that? So here this can be often the search volume per month. CPC is that the price per click. So for people that are advertising on Adwords if people actually click into the AdWords Result then they have to pay Google 1.34. Okay, this offers an indication how competitive the landscape is for organic search But it’s not an accurate one because this will be for the competition for the AdWords, but normally if it’s dearer then it’d mean that the organic goes to be quite competitive, right because the organic search is free Okay, so we’re gonna search by the degree here Generally, what I searched for is Anything above you recognize, 100 searches, okay It really depends on the niche, but it also depends on you recognize, maybe sometimes you will be ready to actually you recognize Put two keywords together. Okay, which all of them add up to a pair of thousand searches, Okay, so, you recognize sometimes when it’s below that then you recognize I’d just observe of that which I would put the keyword into here Because you recognize when you’re actually watching of those keywords you’d prefer to do and group them together, right? So for example, you recognize you’re gazing an iPhone car. Hold on Okay, so let’s have a look iPhone car holder um, you’ve Magnetic phone holder So we wish to sort of the group these together this might just copy that Format for a car I Phone car holder do I’ve got that ready? Yep. We’ve also got I’ve heard comments We’ve also got I’ve heard mounts for cars so I’m gonna go filter just by with keywords which have iPhone in them. Okay, let’s have a look.

But you recognize, it’s not like an eBay type of website So I’m gonna copy that down moreover alright, so What you will be able to also do is download the Moz bar and build a free account which is visiting provide you with The page or authority and also domain authority of each page Okay, so you’ll actually browse Normally, I choose to seem for you recognize Page authority of around 30 some domain authority around 30 some. Okay. So these ones all quite high but This one here is quite low okay eighteen, okay, so gives me some idea of you recognize whether or not I can rank that or not, but it does have some backlinks thereto page Okay, so my guess is that this one can be a small amount new this website These ones are quite old Okay page Authority of 30 Okay, so it does look I say, you recognize medium competition I’d say okay just from the planning of it. So this might be a possible Keyword to concentrate on, right? So what you will be ready to also do is head to an online site called SM rush. Okay, and also the dot record search? Local okay. o they’re ranking for iPad stand So I’m gonna drop them down. Okay, so this could be a type of a very really broad research face. So these ones have become an honest amount of searches and it’s getting quite a lot of traffic to those pages still so you’ve also got I’ve heard by mounts there’s a replica try to copy that Okay, and What you will be able to actually do is you’ll actually see what page they really have for these ones also. So iPad stands We’re gonna click into that the iPhone tripod Okay Click into that additionally to IPad tripod mounts. Okay, so I’m assuming that one actually links to the identical URL Okay, so those ones are both the identical Okay, it’s right here Okay, so there are link king. strategy when in terms of ranking Okay because if you actually have a glance at the net site here, they really target the keyword. they really have one product page rather than having a variety of a large listing which I feel this will be quite smart because you recognize, for example, this one here This sells every single thing and you are doing not know which one to decide on right? It just looked way too confusing but this one is extremely very targeted So I’m guessing this one will convert much higher and you will be ready to create content Targeting specific keywords, okay within that So while gazing that?

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