Best Way to Manage Social Media Marketing, Manage Clients!

Everyone for compact missionary work information or if you need to be talking about five different ways you can get social media marketing and so I actually did if 4 Episode cast about every single some other ways that I have come in today’s episode please video rather wanted you please share the five biggest ways the most common ways for me to actually.

get a first way that I get social media management of iron is content marketing different things for me for snowy it is YouTube waiting for a blog or website on things like that so that you are the first person then how to develop a social media marketing strategy for example of you to the video I Knew You Were studied in school and strong Rider maybe you’ve really got enabling people in you have a partner with the different thing we can do as far as my YouTube channels not aimed at social media marketing is aimed are you guys it my contest aimed at like a working model business start-up over you know a person who actually be highly meet you during the audience we know why and strategically using YouTube in Japan I would be awesome if I am saying I will be like why you need a social media strategy for your business how to create starting point So Nan report finance to read YouTube because I will be used to their influence on Instagram.

I think over my opinion an audience actually is linked then I have learned in over this past year and I think it’s really good place to be for free literally for any type of the number send free business and input I think that you understand and theories for my friend and check out my channel flux link that as well and basically you can use the jobs function in C but something that is just a marketing strategy on LinkedIn cheap hosting really informative awesome videos on their due to that you will stand out and that something is really helpful people and to be decision maker if it had to be business people you know and it’s funny.

because I was asked energy and power social media and everybody is Instagram bring their eggs in one basket all the people with the money and with the answer is great people take up space that is not going to the person what is Instagram to be on Instagram you should Your mental myself and my first president I will be on Upwork and in fact I still have a lien on Upwork profile and operate now it’s not it is the only strategy as it is something that they will check in with my invitations check my messages on anything interesting small.

so I always think it just has a profile and if you need a job if you want to like sad drafting of this contract and figuring out invoicing is also done for you or not but I think it will be nice for beginners with your own business facilities in all the WhatsApp app about what types of clients are looking for services ok maybe you see there is a cute and in the skincare stirred up space on would argue that ok maybe that’s area directions to looking at on LinkedIn interested at select without you in touch with on my own Hero finance.

so I would recommend giving Oracle fast with a magnet so I need you even after a word for every level of different ways of solving but having something to give you outside is relative speed things I want and there’s nothing to you that was like saying.

I am your average question of formula II how do I know that you that makes me but the best so I’ve seen Over the Top so in the end I mean there is bigger Road social media strategy now.

I am a reputed a inductor strategies that is cricket BA 2018 social audit unit 1 unit are called requested download and he video series all those kind of things to keep in mind if you are working with startup.

back to you in other social media and you get him to as always so what happened that when did you start using so so my first flight is life journey of hubby and and my space study my space in professional in which case pouch problem 1819 freelancing is there anything we can use to to the whole designer in source for medium hair at all in one place that question.

I used a sauna in my business so that is a project management who is son and I think I am not your photo very honest as well enough at the help of arise by that are used to communicate between the team also be checked for a design on it I hope that you are it is Managing like him members I really used to best and worst of the job of this question but far is definitely something is stuck in the Middle East so I am able to choose my hours and able to choose do I want to start working.

we can do it now want you and in so many different locations all over the world which is required for me so it’s a it’s just a different kind of job in and in the deputy CM of HG is the project I’m working on and it was not just a business that is I need however it is all on me this way in corporate social media as well just because I feel like what is the religion and I know the impact.

so so I know the impact of marketing and its role in doing what is the spelling bee expectation I don’t know what this question is incorrect sentence of the job is it same person has person was for the job so I think the expectation that contrary to what it is that is used in my financing is available dancing drive around for what it is I have to know if I don’t get suffered in time for money.

I agree with that why I got you you have to work for sighting of expectation I think that you to school with the people who say you that offer did you something and you don’t have to do it later in the people who like stupid just my opinion of the time table Agencies to amazing things and money and experience it every single thing under the sign that I I get increased to myself.

I will to the word of kind that figure searching questions always him and I might have you Google that I don’t know the answer to everything under the sun I asked questions all the time.

I think before you ask Google please do your due diligence of doing a quick Google search other coaches in one and one in the past and honestly having a never hurts to win an is so nice especially when a person is studded with highest like a new only on business I can say boss I speed up and have a group or a year ago it’s nice to have that have a process known as which in UP Government war a group or even just like Facebook how many hours to sleep everyday interesting person account this is an interesting passed in the southern and so when I first study my business only when all in and stability micro time day job and managing.

basically a business I can sleep I pretty much further with an average of five hours a night number one business so I didn’t have my day job so I had an extra hour is in my schedule for I also just as Agar I feel like I cannot do that. Thanks for the reading.

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