Introduce Ad-Exchange Marketplace for the buyer, Explanation.

I will be introducing the AdExchange Marketplace covering it’s benefits to you as a buyer and practice a way to find opportunities and strike deals with publishers.

Ad Exchange Marketplace offers buyers how to quickly and simply discover inventory opportunities and make deals programmatically with Ad Exchange publishers through private auctions and preferred deals.

you’ll view inventory availability and inventory characteristics just like the audience, content verticals, and formats beat real-time. This, moreover as rich publisher profile data, are all derived from AdX forecasting.

So how will we strike a deal in the Marketplace? There are two typical workflows to strike deals. the primary workflow is that if you’ve got a buying need and need to search out the proper publishers and any package deal products they need and so contact the publisher to barter and strike the deal. let’s have a look at these two workflows in action.

within the first workflow, for instance, you’re searching for a premium publisher inventory that matches the subsequent targeting criteria for the location of your sunglasses ad The audience should you’ll navigate to the Ad Exchange Marketplace by clicking ‘Marketplace’ at the highest of the program and selecting discover from the left-hand navigation menu Here, you’ll be able to enter your criteria using marketplaces filters along the highest Let’s put in our targeting criteria for this instance scenario.

For the country, you’ll be able to click ‘Audience’ and click on ‘Geo’ This brings up an intensive list of states. we will then tick the ‘Mobile Web’ box. The results returned are all mobile web inventory packages available as preferred deals or private auctions publishers from the USA who have invited you to shop for.

Each result shows the seven day potential for the number of impressions and unique impressions and publishers’ top content vertical all derived from AdX data.

If you click ‘view profile’ you will be taken to the publisher’s profile to find out more this publisher, their value proposition, and their contact information.

To work out what products the publisher needs to offer that matches your search criteria you’ll be able to click ‘view all products’ for a publisher you’re fascinated by This brings up a listing of preferred deals and personal auction products offered to you by the publisher.

you’ll do so by clicking thereon. Here, you’ll view the main points of the merchandise and either: reply to the publisher to start out negotiating an ideal deal or accept the offer as is. Let’saccept the offer we are able to then view the deal in our ‘Active Preferred Deals’ So, what’s the publisher seeing at this time within the deal process?

you’ll see that the publisher’s marketplace it is very just like ours. If you select to enter negotiations the offer will move to both parties’negotiations’ section where further discussions can occur in one simple, and accessible inbox.

For the following workflow, as an example, you have got already had offline conversations with a publisher and both parties are able to strike a deal in Ad Exchange The publisher can transmit a proposal that’s tailored to you supported any offline conversations you’ve got been having.

show up as search results when searching within the ‘Discover’ view of the marketplace The deal completion is strictly the identical as before must you and the publisher opt to enter negotiation or accept the deal because it is.

If we navigate to my ‘active deals’ we will see that the deal has been finalized in which a deal ID has been generated. and therefore the reasons behind those, you’ll click ‘view RTB Breakout for this Deal ID’ to test the status of the deal. which concludes our blog on Marketplace.

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