How to work SEO? | Lesson-6

Ok here are instructions on a way to make love So click on Google search console. then what you would like to try to do is you wish to feature a property Okay, so we’re gonna copy over our URL here Paste it in there. Okay, because I’ve actually got something on the most domain So normally yours one would be your name comm again click on add then it basically needs you to really verify the ownership Okay. So what you’ll actually do is you’ll be able to download this HTML file and What you would like to try to do is you will need to really upload the file to your website servers, Okay So you wish to try to do this by actually going into your Cpanel and uploading this file there otherwise you can click on alternate methods Okay, so you’ll actually add a meta tag to your site’s home page. Alright, so what you’ll be able to do is click thereon and so for instance here copy the meta tag below so I’m gonna copy that and you wish to travel to the pinnacle section of your website or before the primary body section of your website and so click on? verify ok, once you’ve actually done that so What we’re gonna do is I’m actually visiting visit my dashboard so I’m gonna copy that open that in an exceedingly new tab Head to the dashboard section and what you would like to try and do is, for instance, my theme and normally for many people’s websites You click on the theme settings and normally within the theme settings you are able to truly add within the header code Okay, so rummage around for that wherever it’s okay, and so you’ll be able to return here copy that so you’ll paste that is okay then click on save right or you’ll need to travel to I feel appearance and so you have got to travel to customize or editor but once you actually do this after you actually update the theme it’d actually override it so you may have to Create a baby theme or something like that so we will visit The header I feel just about sure because I normally just put it into There. Okay. So as you’ll be able to see here the top section Here and here I put within the code into there. Okay, sir Because I’ve already saved it in my theme settings and it’s gonna appear here But this is often where you’ll paste it certain yourself if you do not have that actual section on your website. alright, another time, you’ve done that then you’ll move to here and click on verify Hopefully that has been verified so you’ll be able to click on continue so along with your actual search console, it’s gonna take a long time to Update everything. Okay. So what its gonna do it is also visiting provide you with basically you recognize, what? Keywords, people are typing in to truly reach your website so you’ll actually optimize your pages, even more, Okay, select your profile click on next here. Your website name is gonna be your name So I’m gonna call it the logo for now the title separator. this is often basically I Mean, let’s just go the long-lasting Okay, so this is often an eCommerce store. So this is often the separator so that they use a line Some websites.

They use lines on some websites. They use for instance maybe let’s move to Apple and see what they use and See, okay. So, for instance, Wikipedia, they only use a splash. So it’s really up to you. It doesn’t really matter Click on next and here you’ll be able to join up for any updates and things like that I’m not gonna join up so I’m gonna click on next Okay here I’m gonna click on next and basically you’ve done the essential optimizations for it. Okay, so we’re actually gonna Optimize it even further for every page. So we’re gonna close. So what we’re gonna do is optimize our homepage so I’m gonna click on pages then I’m gonna select my homepage here. So I’m gonna click into my homepage Okay. So at once, I’m actually using the builder So you would possibly be employing a different theme but you must have this yo section below once you actually scroll down here So for instance, my target keyword goes to be carpet cleaning in Melbourne What you would like to try to do is you would like to edit that snippet? So you wish to own your title as close on the front as possible? okay, sometimes it isn’t possible, especially if it’s sort of a blog post, you recognize if it’s a blog post and it doesn’t really matter. you’ll be able to have some keywords before But if it’s like carpet cleaning in Melbourne, and you’ll have there then had it ahead Okay, instead of having your brand at the front. So that is what you would like to try and do first o.k.. So I put a separator here and that I also put fast same-day service So after you actually do SEO title you wish people to really click into it also. So that’s why I added fast same-day service you wish to appear at maybe the highest ten so let’s do carpets Cleaning in Melbourne and you wish to scroll through the results? Okay, so you do not actually need the identical as everyone else because if it is the same then you recognize Why are people gonna click into your one? Okay, so I actually like this one get a free pretreatment So it makes it kind of clickable, Okay, so it’s gonna provide you with a better click-through rate and successively, it’s gonna rank you higher Okay Especially if people click into it and that they actually stay for a protracted time Then it’s gonna increase your ranking So you are doing want to place in something that you simply know? People are gonna click on so for instance these ones here three rooms for $56. That’s particular Okay, so we would like to differentiate a touch bit My one is gonna be fast same-day service and that I used the keyword service additionally because you recognize carpet cleaning Services is additionally a keyword, which also gets quite a few searches monthly, this is often my main keyword, okay, so I need to incorporate something that somebody might rummage around for and Google might start ranking me for okay, so here for your Meta Description you are doing want to incorporate the keyword in here further It doesn’t need to be exact But you furthermore may again you furthermore may want to create sure that this one is optimized for people to truly click into alright So an honest thanks to having it off is that if you really go here Normally, you will see some Google Adwords over here. Alright, so these ones are really really optimized So as you’ll see, you’ll take some inspiration from here people have gotten free quotes 40% off its free things like that.

Call us So you wish to require some inspiration using a number of the keywords and include it into your own Meta Description? While also having your keyword in here, okay? So that’s really important and you’ll also put in your focus keyword in here. Okay, so once you actually put your focus keyword in here the Yoast plug-in will actually facilitate your attempt to you recognize Optimize and it’ll bear its own checklist and it will facilitate your optimize it, okay So as you’ll see, it says the main focus keyword doesn’t appear within the first paragraph of the copy Okay. So on the particular content of the web site, we’ve not actually added that to the primary paragraph. Okay. you should not get every single one, correct? But attempt to get like 80 to 90% of them optimized so once you’ve actually done that, okay, so you’ll actually let’s click into the house page and see to work out how I’ve actually Structured it. o.k. so what you are doing want to try to do is you would like to also ensure that if you have got a URL here. does one want to test your permalink? So let’s visit the dashboard section again and Let’s just say we hover up here and click on This one here upholstery cleaning, okay, you wish the keyword within the kind of the URL structure further Okay, so to create sure that’s set in you would like to form sure that you have set the permalinks on in WordPress okay, so hover over settings click on permalinks and What you would like to try and do is you would like to pick post name here. So it actually includes the post and also the page title within the URL Okay, you do not want something like equals P equals one, two, three because if people are rummaging through that on The search engines it is not visiting be very clean. So we’re gonna return here Let’s return to our home page and confirm you set that in and click on Save Changes that the next thing you would like to try and do is for the most keyword you would like to line that in as your heading one tag? okay, so I’m actually employing a builder and it is a drag-and-drop builder, but most cases that you simply should be employing a Front-end builder nowadays. Anyway, like Elementor or anything like that Anyways, what you wish to try and do is you would like to create sure that it sets heading 1, okay so as I said before Google is truly visiting scan your website and therefore the heading 1 tag is one amongst the foremost important tags it tells Google what this is often it visiting be about Okay, so if you truly head to text tap here, it’s wrapped within the heading one tag alright so that is the very first thing that you simply want to try to then you wish to type of include keywords within the text of the web site so what we’ve actually happened is Okay, this can be the document that I typed over here before my target keyword is carpet cleaning in Melbourne and my secondary keywords are you recognize carpet cleaning services and couple cleaning services in Melbourne and Also, I would like to incorporate carpet cleaners moreover. Okay, because sometimes when people are searching they’re trying to find they’re using different keywords and if I’m including a number of these cleaner Keywords in here and also adding in like cheapest quality experts best affordable.

These are a number of the items that individuals are trying to find in addition So over time it’s gonna start ranking for you recognize Cheap carpet cleaning services in Melbourne also because you’ve actually got that keyword within the content itself, Okay, you are doing want to try to to it like really naturally, okay so what you wish to try and do is you wish to jot down out everything as you’d if you’re Explaining your services to an admirer or something like that. then you would like to a variety of sprinkle the keywords in here, right? So as you’ll see here, it’s extremely natural. Right so carpet cleaning in Melbourne This one is you recognize, we ensure your cupboards are clean fresh and staying free at it at an inexpensive cost. it is very natural it is not very forced. Like I’m not trying to keyword stuff it in here it’s extremely natural when you’re scrolling down it lists the services here okay, so I used the title cobble cleaning services, and that i also attempt to Just write it out first. Okay, once you’ve written it out, then you’ll adjust it So write that out first you’ll also include a process here then you recognize if I’ve included here, for instance, you will see that We give our greatest competitive quote, okay, so I’ve got that keyword best in there We’ve also got experts in there and things like order that is another keyword that I added in and therefore the testimonials that you just add on your website, they also count that furthermore. Okay. So Google is gonna observe your page ASCII text file. Then you would like to scroll down what I prefer to try and do for an area website is unquestionably have a call to action on the underside because you recognize once people are proud of what they see Then you wish to incorporate a call to action where they, you know, offer you a free quote or call you that’s visiting help along with your form of usability ratings. So if we actually go here you would like to scroll down here you furthermore mght want to incorporate your contact details Normally within the footer section otherwise you also can have it in your header section here you furthermore might want to possess your address and email, okay, so I prefer to place it within the add together because that’s gonna appear on every single page and it’s gonna allow people to especially for a neighborhood website allow people to understand where you truly locate it very easy that’s gonna increase the user experience, right and normally, I’ve got my footer down here and Normally if you’ve got different services you wish to possess the services on the highest like that in an exceedingly drop-down you would like your website to? Be easy to navigate for people, okay? So these are all my main keywords, which I’m targeting furthermore and I have included them over here. Okay?

I’ve also included links to them on the house page so this is often called internal linking which basically isn’t only gonna help, you know, the shoppers to flick through this provides a form of link juice to those other pages and it will help these other pages rank highly in addition. So I’m not really quite sure If you understand that properly because if you truly have a home page right lots of individuals are viewing that home page and a few people are linking to its homepage as an example on local directories Your homepage goes to possess plenty of link juice. Okay, you wish to pass that link juice all the way down to the Secondary keywords, which you’re targeting, as an example, these other pages Okay, which successively goes to assist these websites also rank higher okay, because after you actually you recognize building backlinks when you’re actually putting it into local directory websites or the other websites You’re probably possibly visiting put your homepage right instead of this upholstery cleaning page, right? So This one includes a lot of link juice. does one want to pass it down? Okay, so that’s one in all the ways you’ll be able to make out which is just about it. So other things that you just want to also want to try to are maybe if you have got some images on your page right if you have got images on your page, let’s only for example Click on the choices here Styling background. Alright, so you furthermore might want to call your images furthermore. Okay. So as an example, I Uploaded this image to the current background image. And before I uploaded it. I actually named it Okay, I named it Carpet Cleaners in Melbourne. Okay, So Google is additionally visiting scan that still because Google can’t really read what your image is about. a minimum of not yet So once you actually put in you recognize this as your file name Then Google will kind of know and understand what your website is about Okay, so that is what you wish to try and do. If you really to Illustrate if you have got to Illustrate just have a standard picture o.k., so let’s drop by a picture module here What you’ll be able to also do is you’ll also add a picture, alt tag so whatever this image is, it’d be to Illustrate someone cleaning the carpet so it’d be Carpet cleansing or something like that. Okay, and Google also will take a look at the keyword for your old tag yet So you would like to place in any related keywords in here, which is expounded thereto image in addition so if it’s sort of you recognize a cleaning variety of image you wish to place something associated with that. you do not want to be like something round okay, so ensure that’s done and What you furthermore might want to try to do is you wish to create sure that you simply do have you ever know a singular selling proposition still Okay, not only does one want to optimize your website you really want to sell people? okay, so that’s why it is vital to own your processes testimonials and Everything like that. Okay, so you should not really have everything perfect.


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