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I have already got covered in my SEO blogs, the upper the quantity of top quality relevant backlinks that you just have for your website, the simpler it’ll be for you to beat your competition and rank #1 for your target keywords. Before moving forward, these blogs are the lesson of our free affiliate marketing course.

And this course I share a way to scale an Amazon affiliate website from $0 – $1,000/month. you’ll check more blogs. you must also follow me on Instagram. I take live sessions almost every other alternative day where I answer your questions, so confirm you follow me. Before I take you to my laptop screen, I’ve got created a special PDF that I’ve got shared all my working strategies on how I build backlinks.

It also contains the precise email scripts that I take advantage of to achieve top-quality do-follow backlinks. So if you would like this PDF, all you have got to do is like this blog, wish to our blog, and comment with “yes, I would like it” within the comment section below.

Once we reach a thousand likes, share, and comments. So now let’s come in my laptop screen where I show you step-by-step on how you’ll be able to create top quality backlinks for your website and drive massive traffic. So during this blog, I’ll be talking more about backlinks, a way to find backlink opportunities, a way to create the backlinks, the most effective method, and therefore the best strategies. Before creating backlinks, I have to inform you more about one thing.

What specifically in India, I’ve got had so many interns and every one the people are talking about “comment backlinks” “forum backlinks” and “directory submissions”. Honestly, guys, these are the more serious backlinks that you just can make. These accustomed add 2011 and 2012. But especially in 2019, none of those works. And instead of help your website, this will rather offer you a Google penalty. And your website will get zero traffic.

So guys, please, stand back from comment backlinks, or forum backlinks and directory submissions. and every one these digital marketing institutes are still teaching these methods. So guys since you’re my students, I highly recommend you guys to please be from such styles of backlinks. They’re not worthwhile.

Since this blog is an element of our affiliate marketing mastery course, so let’s see a way to find the backlink opportunity for the identical. So let’s say you’re targeting a piece like “best DSLR in India”. to seek out the link opportunities, what you have got to try and do is first look for your target keyword, let’s say you’re trying to find “best DSLR I’ll be showing you the free alternative moreover which is Uber suggests.

So let me first tell you about chefs. Now, this can be the simplest technique to search out backlink opportunities. Now since these websites are already linking to your target article, it’s much easier to email them, or contact this website and arouse a link to your website yet.

And also you have to make sure that every one the links that you just simply are building is “do-follow”. you will be ready to then export this list yet. Here the anchor text is that the best DSLR.

So it’s a keyword-reach anchor text and also the domain authority of the online site that’s pertaining to this particular article is additionally very high 64 domain rank. So definitely the net site, the quality of the article- so one- whenever you’re gazing backlink opportunity, you have got have to be compelled to appear at 3 factors.

First is that the domain rank or the domain authority(DR). Here the domain rank of this particular website, which is relating the backlink, you will see it’s 64. It’s very high, meaning that the quality of the backlink goes to be really high. Secondly, you have to seem at the relevancy. Here you will be able to see that the article is referring, that’s giving the backlinks as “best camera in India”.

So definitely the relevancy is additionally very high because the backlinks are targeting the DSLR –related article, right? So both these metrics are really amazing. The domain rank and thus the relevancy. The third thing that you just must observe is the anchor text. Here, the anchor text is “Best DSLR” therefore the keyword that’s accustomed makes the backlink is that the anchor text.

Similarly, you will be able to check all the alternative referring domains still. Then what you’ll do is just open the online site here, find the e-mail address. to look out the e-mail address, there are multiple domain extensions. you will be ready to also use a Google extension called“email hunter”.

So all you’ve got have to be compelled to try and do is use the e-mail address of this website, and send them an email that you simply just are trying to seek out a- that you simply just have also written a high-quality article and it will really be nice if they’re going to link back to your article or the opposite they that they’ll be able to link to your article.

And now since this website is also an awfully high authority website, it’s highly unlikely that they’re going to reply to your email. So, guys, one thing I’ve to have to be compelled to inform you is that creating backlinks isn’t that easy. Because people think that creating backlinks may well be a chunk of cake, on the opposite hand again it’s difficult especially in 2019 when backlinks becoming more style of a price commodity.

So don’t think that you’ll be ready to create many backlinks in an exceedingly few days. It takes plenty of time and patience. I profit from particular software for sending all the emails. I take advantage of software called “ninja outreach”. Earlier I aware of use “Buzz Stream” similarly. Both of these are paid tools. These are accustomed send email scripts to thousands of people at a time.

And if you’re trying to find a free alternative, you’ll use “G Mass”. It’s free alternative software. With these tools, you will be able to create various campaigns, various templates. you will be ready to create- so like for this campaign. I added 250 blogs here which I sent them- almost 165 emails were sent.

So to any or all these websites here, my email was sent. and that I was asking them for a link a method or another and few of them replied to me then my team handles them. they furnish the follow-up, sometimes people raise money, sometimes people invite guests- sometimes they simply give the link simply because the article features a really top quality.

So this can be the software I take advantage of, it’s called“ninja outreach”. I’ll be creating an awfully comprehensive tutorial on a way to try this. except that, you’ll also check the blog on a way to use “ninja outreach”. But this can be a paid tool, you have got to speculate some money for that. The second alternative is Buzzstream, it’s also a really nice tool.

I wont to use it early. this can be just another for “ninja outreach”. If you’ll use GMass. So guys the simplest technique is to seem at your competitor’s backlinks and pitch them to urge your backlinks. So now the subsequent question in your mind will what exactly to email to those guys.

So I will be able to be creating a repository… so for that, I’ve got created a PDF file where I’ve got added all the e-mail scripts that I’m using to send to my prospects. So to induce that PDF file all you’ve got to try to do is just like the blog, and discuss this blog “yes, I want it”. and that I will share the PDF with you within the description section of this blog. So if you’re not using ahrefs, if you are not investing in ahrefs and you continue to want to create the backlinks so there’s excellent news for you.

they weren’t offering the backlink opportunity. While I’m recording this blog, just today they need to launch the backlinks feature additionally. that in every article, what percentage backlinks that this text has. So it’s 225 backlinks. All I’ve got to search out the backlink opportunity is click here on “view all”. So these are all the websites that are concerning this particular article.

Similarly, you’ll try this for any articles on this particular domain. And it also gives the domain score just like the authority power of the backlink and also the link type, whether it’s a textual backlink or a picture backlink etc. And also the anchor text, like what exactly is that the keyword which is employed to make the backlinks.

So guys, whenever I’m building backlinks for my affiliate website. My process is to first make an inventory of my competing domains. people that are already ranking in Google program. Then my next step is to require each domain, add it to the location explorer in ahrefs, and download all the referring domains that are concerning this particular website. Then I sort them from no-follow to do-follow. I start sending them my emails script of requesting a backlink.

Honestly, guys, I cannot provide you with one best recipe for building backlinks that may work. Also guys, an awfully important tip. be from websites like Fiverr. when you’ll be looking for “backlinks” here, they’ll be such a large amount of options like “I will boost your Google ranking with SEO backlinks” and then many other shitty services. Guys, trust me, these won’t help your website. rather than helping your website, they’re going to offer you a Google penalty.

Similarly, there’s another website called“SEO Clerks”. They also offer backlinks. Guys, these cheap backlinks aren’t worthwhile. the simplest reasonably backlink is one that’s highly relevant to your article. Which is coming from a high domain website, and also contains a good anchor text. Also, there’s something called PBN which are some things called “private blog network”.

Once you begin building the backlinks, so one later you’ll hear about PBN. So what this does is- you would possibly be able to rank your website for a- maybe a month, a pair of months, so maybe even for a year. then again again, it depends on luck.

So I will be able to highly recommend to remain off from PBNs, or Fiverr links or SEO Clerks links. they’re going to not help your website, they’re going to rather provide you with a Google penalty.

So my best strategy is to first, move to ahrefs, add your competitor’s URL here within the site explorer. My strategy is to create a listing of your competitor and add their domain names one by one in ahrefs or Uber suggest, whichever one you’re using. Download all their referring domains, and begin emailing them one-by-one. If you’re employing a free or alternative, you’ll be able to use G Mass.

If you’re using automated software like me, you’ll use NInjaOutreach or Buzz Stream. And for all the e-mail scripts that I’m using to make backlinks, all you’ve got to try and do is just like the blog, and share to the blogs and comment with Now for the following technique to create backlinks, you would like to place in some efforts within the beginning.

But it’ll drive you free traffic, in addition as few initial backlinks, whenever you’re building your first Amazon affiliate website. that the technique is about creating a really comprehensive article on the highest experts on your niche. Your website can be on any niche. It might be a guitar niche, it can be a fashion niche, or it can be a dog niche or anything. that the idea is to make an awfully comprehensive article of all the blogs that exist within the dog niche, or whatever niche your website is in and have them in your article.

So for that, what you’ll do first create an excel sheet like this. So here, the name, first name, contact, the e-mail address, the URL of the web site you’ll be featuring, and also the kind of website it’s it may well be a blog, it may be commerce, etc.

We’ll be focusing totally on the blog and therefore the domain authority. Because this can be an awfully important metric. we want backlinks from high authority websites in order that the backlink power is high. So let’s say your website is within the guitar niche.

So all you’ve got to try to do is search “top guitar blogs” and open all the articles that rank. Then what you have got to try to to is, bear each of the blogs that are listed on this text and add them to your excel sheet. So like here, the primary is premiere guitar. So add the premiere guitar domain URL, style of the web site it’s, and also check the domain authority using all the extensions on the web site. Then find an email address.

So let’s say if dew goes to the web site, so we’ll just- so let’s say we just visit the web site and we’ll copy the URL. We’ll add this to our list here. Similarly, we’ll attempt to find the contact address. So to search out the contact address, there’s a really amazing extension that is free. All you have got to try to do is seek for “email hunter chrome” and click on on this first result.

And add this extension to your chrome. Add this extension and this may really facilitate your find the e-mail address of the bulk of the websites. Apart from that, you’ll be able to also explore for “contact” and check the contact page. Most of the time, the e-mail address is going to be present on the contact page additionally. otherwise, you can use other extensions furthermore.

So this manner all you’ve got to try to to is, populate this excel sheet will all the blogs. So not just this text, you ought to check all the articles which should feature the varied guitar blogs. So this fashion you’ll have an awfully comprehensive list of your targets that you simply can concentrate on. If you don’t want to try to do this work yourself, you’ll be able to also outsource this on any freelancing website like “” or “Up work”. Now the following step is to make the article.

This again you’ll be able to write it yourself or again outsource it on I Writer. just like the one, I discussed on another blog. So all you have got to try to do is, for each URL here, just open the URL and make a brief description, take a screenshot of the house page, and similarly a brief description of the web site. So you’ll be able to use this system furthermore, whenever you’re starting a replacement affiliate website.

Now the following technique is guest posting and that I love guest posting because the conversion rate of getting backlinks is relatively higher because you’re also providing high-quality content to the opposite person. So to search out a guest-posting opportunity, all you have got to try to do is enter the niche. Your niche here- you can- your niche might be anything.

It can be a guitar with quotation marks and therefore the guest post. So of these websites are accepting the guest post. All you’ve got to try and do is make a replica of this particular tab here, and you’ll get a duplicate here. And again, rather than this, we’ll rename it to guest post opportunities. So go from each article by article.

Again you’ll be able to do that yourself otherwise you can outsource it through freelancers. ensure you are doing ask comprehensive research as possible. Try to find as many opportunities as you’ll find. I’ll recommend you guys to outsource this work by creating a blog tutorial and outsourcing it for freelancing websites.

So once you have got this done, all you’ve got to try to do is send them emails for a guest posting page. And on the guest posting page, you’ll be asking them you simply} want to send a high-quality article on their website which reciprocally you just desire a do-follow backlink. I’ve seen that I’ve got been ready to convert 2 – 3 persons of my emails into actual backlinks. I’ll recommend you guys to begin with the highest expert, they also do the technique that I did within the start of this blog, of gazing the backlinks I want it”.

And I’ll share all the e-mail scripts that I’ve shared on this blog and also more emails that may really facilitate yours in building backlinks for your website. Now the subsequent technique is geographic. In the guest posting, you’re sending writing to your website. In geography, you’re sending an infographic. So what to try and do is, create a tremendous infographic on your website.

Honestly, there’s this amazing article by on the way to get backlinks using guest graphics techniques. I highly recommend you guys to read this complete article. It’s an incredible resource and that I use this system myself.

I do know it’ll require you to make a tremendous infographic then again again, creating backlinks isn’t that easy. you wish to take a position your time, or energy, or money. If you wish to scale an Amazon affiliate website. So I highly recommend you guys to read this text on on the way to get backlinks. Using the guest graphics technique.

The technique is all about creating a high-quality infographic and so promoting it, a bit like you’re reaching out for a guest post. and plenty of the websites will start supplying you with backlinks and so they’ll feature your geographics on their website. the simplest part about geography is for guest post technique, you’ve got to write down a brand new article for each website.

But with the geographic one infographic once, and you’ll get as many backlinks as possible employing a single infographic. So that’s the simplest part of geography. you’ll be able to even go one step ahead if you’ll create an animated infographic.

Now I do know that creating something like this won’t be possible if you don’t have the planning background, so you’ll be able to outsource it and make an incredible infographic- animated infographic like this. So creating backlinks are much easier if you go one step ahead and make something like this and do the outreach process and send those email scripts and lots of people are happy to lend to you.

Like this can be another amazing infographic. To find ideas on how you’ll create an animated infographic for your niche. and so use the outreach process to make backlinks to your site. And one final thing that I highly recommend you guys to try to do is a move to this website, and skim all their articles. Like head to the blog section and browse all his articles.

Similarly, get in “”. and skim of these articles additionally. they need some really, really amazing tricks on the way to build high-quality backlinks. And this can really improve your SEO game. Similarly, there’s this 3rd website called“”. and that I highly recommend you guys to again visit and skim all the articles on this website.

So these 3 websites, if you’re reading all the articles, these are quite enough for you to seek out all the tactics that really add building backlinks. These are the pros of SEO- these guys know the way to rank their articles to preferred for very, very high competitive keywords. And guys, there aren’t any magic ways to backlinks.

I cannot provide you with an inventory of internet sites where you’ll be able to directly go and sign on to induce backlinks. A backlink could be a very slow process. I’ve got a team of virtually 9 people working on behalf of me only for SEO itself. And trust me there are days after we aren’t even ready to build one backlink.

Even with the 9 member team. So if you’re going the white hat way, if you’re going with prime quality and low quantity. Then, it’s a slow area. then again the results are going to be amazing, because once your website gets ranked, you may be getting the free traffic, for all the years to return. So now let’s undergo the highest 8 SEO tips that you simply need to confine mind while building backlinks.

Tips Number 1
  • focuses on quality, not on quantity.
Tips Number 2
  • focus more on do-follow backlinks and fewer on no-follow backlinks.
  • This doesn’t mean that you just won’t be building nay no-follow backlinks, because even having 100% do-follow backlinks will look shady within the eyes of Google.
Tips Number 3
  • Have patience.
  • SEO isn’t a sprint, rather a marathon.
  • you can not expect to work out leads to just some days, rather, the results will start coming after some months.
Tips Number 4
  • Don’t just specialize in off-page SEO or creating backlinks. You should also your energy on-page SEO. Point number 6, don’t create all of your backlinks using the identical anchor text. Rather, diversify your anchor texts, throughout your backlinks.
Tips Number 5
  • Don’t buy backlinks from many of those services like or rather than helping your website, this shady backlinks will rather provide you with a penalty from Google.
Tips Number 6
  • I’ve got seen in many blogs who call themselves SEO gurus, they ask their viewers to travel to the comment section and make comment backlinks.
  • Trust me guys, they’re not worthwhile. you must never make comment backlinks.
Tips Number 7
  • if you actually want to be good at link-building, you have got to speculate some money on an honest SEO tool.
  • The tool that I like to recommend and personally uses ahrefs.
Tips Number 8
  • You must even have 20%of your overall backlinks, pointing towards your homepage. It’s all about looking natural and organic. If you’re building all of your backlinks to simply the articles and not the homepage of your website, this looks shady.
  • To ensure 20% of your backlinks are pointing towards your homepage and therefore the rest 80% are pointing towards the articles.
  • So what are your next steps? Click here if you wish to look at our complete our Amazon marketing course, where I show you, the way to scale an Amazon affiliate website from $0 – $1,000/month. and click on here, if you wish to observe our digital marketing mastery course.

Thanks for vising our blogs.

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