Best Ever Strategy for SEO, Rank Your website Faster. |Lesson – 7|

Okay, because Google will form of scan your website and they’ll understand what your website is about Okay, so it’s kind of like as I said before it’s like, you recognize Once you’ve got – once you have got written the content then you add And sprinkle your website with these keywords, like don’t overdo it, Okay, if you overdo it, it’s like salt it’s gonna become too salty and it is not gonna be good so is just about it for the on-page SEO for local websites. Okay, it is very similar for a blogger and also an eCommerce store. But I also bear that likewise So let’s undergo that. I’m gonna close this. Now. What you would like to try and do is you would like to feature a blog post? Okay, so I already added a blog post things to try to to in Bali Okay, so this is often the blog post here o.k.. So I’ve just got some lorem ipsum text, but I’ll variety of show you the way to optimize it properly okay. So you have your image here. you have your title here. All themes are type of different this can be what mine feels like so what we’re visiting do is click on edit post and that is visiting take you to the rear end section here and this is often where actually add within the content. o.k. therefore the very first thing that we’re gonna have a look at is adding within the title, right? So your target keyword maybe things to try and do in Bali Okay, and if you really do the groundwork for that on for example Google Things to try and do in Bali. Okay, you do not enter You’re gonna see of these different tiles here, okay and Normally, it is not rather like things to try and do in Bali. It’s like top things It’s just like the best belongings you want to create something different o.k. you wish to create a commentary which is different because if it is the same then why are people gonna click into your one right? so to try to that, I keep the keyword here and that I take a look at the competition so I’d do like 20 maybe amazing or Awesome, like if someone’s got amazing, so I would do 21 awesome things to try and do in Bali Indonesia Ok, Indonesia, is that this one is gonna be my secondary keyword. Okay, and Once you had that then you would like to form sure your permalink is things to try and do in Bali or something like that Okay, sometimes it is not edited. you’ll actually click on edit and ensure it’s something to try to to along with your title here Okay, you do not must have the precise same one because that’s gonna look too spammy. Okay, so i favor it like this Okay, so if my title is 21 awesome things to try to to in Bali Indonesia Then the title may be rather like that, right? It doesn’t need to be 21 awesome things again Okay, click on okay, then you would like to scroll down? Now for your content section what you–what does one want to try to do is you wish to scroll down first? fine to the underside. will have the improvements and also some problems of what you truly have to do right, so you’ll actually go over here and also the very first thing that you simply normally want to try to includes the keyword within the primary paragraph.

Okay, so you would possibly be like, you recognize during this post i will be providing you with my top 21 Awesome Things to try and do in Bali Indonesia Okay, I’m not gonna bear like the way to actually write okay, I’m just showing you that after you truly make some changes here then normally it’s visiting update here likewise Okay So as you’ll see the main focus keyword appears within the first paragraph of the copy So you’ll be able to type of following of these different improvements and also the issues here Okay, so as you’ll see the precise match keyword density is simply too low. Okay, so I have never actually Create the article yet. But you recognize once I’ve actually written out then it should be quite decent so should not be an issue the Meta Description. we have not done that yet. Okay, internal links. I’ll show that later we’re gonna go over here and Here you wish to edit the Meta Description right? you’ll be able to click on edit snippet and you’ll delete these items and truly edit it a form of manually you’ll delete it if you would like to but I’m gonna keep it as is so this can be basically the default Okay, so it’s visiting take the title of the page then put the separator there so you have the positioning title Which is that the logo, right? So you would like to vary the Meta Description, here again, you wish to kind of change something different to what you really see here But you furthermore may want to undertake and include the keyword in there also. Okay, so it would be like It’s gonna take a while so let me think thinking of visiting Bali Don’t go before you read this amazing Guide for the most effective 21 things to try to to in Bali Indonesia and so maybe Read more here or something like that Okay So I feel you were going Thinking of visiting Bali don’t go before you read this amazing guide for the most effective 21 things to try to to in Bali So I’ve included the keyword in there. you do not need to have it exactly Again, but try and include a variety of it Okay, so when you’ve actually done your keyword research, right, you ought to have you ever know other keywords Which you’ll actually include within the Meta Description likewise okay, so I’ve included Indonesia there still because that’s my secondary keyword form of and here internal links so internal links are because you recognize if you’re writing a piece, you’ll actually do internal links by clicking on this thing clicking on the Settings here and you’ll link it to existing content okay, so if you really have a let’s saying you would possibly be such as you know bearing on just like the best hotels in Bali, right? you have got writing this So you wish to link it thereto, right? Because it’s gonna help the user in addition and it isn’t also gonna tell Google that you simply know Your page is kind of an honest resource, especially if it’s linking dead set external pages further you do not want to merely link to your own blog post right? does one want to link to whatever is helpful for the user? Okay, you do not want to overdo it? But you recognize you would like to undertake to incorporate some okay. So once you’ve done that then that will be fixed yet and As you’ll be able to see this can be no app out links. Okay, once you actually put inbound links, then this may be Ticked, okay For the pictures here.

Okay, what you wish to try and do is once you truly add during a featured image, as an example this one here I’ve also named this image also. So this one is barley rice fields. I’ve named it. Okay, because that’s a rice field I feel and you’ll be able to also include the it-alt text here. So maybe this one is you recognize the person in Bali rice fields Okay, so click on set featured image now, you do not really should have it exactly like things to try and do in Bali You’re gonna add in some more images. Anyway, like here. Yeah can act in media and so media library, so I would add during this one the alt text we do like Things to try and do in Bali now, this is often gonna tick it, Okay, so I’m gonna insert that into the post as during a full-size insert to post Okay, once you actually do that then this could even be ticked off moreover, okay Here and you’ll be able to just follow each of those things. So we actually optimize your website. It’s very easy you are doing want to feature during a category and also some tags likewise to also add in some more Depth to your article you would like to feature in pictures videos, you recognize If you’ve got some quotes or anything like that, or if you’ve got some like tips you are doing want to place that into sort of a nice little style of if you really head to an internet site call. as an instance heading two Right, so you would like to create sure you’ve got sub-headlines in your blog post likewise. It’s happening He’s got you recognize external links yet to his digital agency website Here he’s got images to explain you recognize what he’s talking about but let’s just see if he encompasses a tip Okay, i am unable to really find it but you type of get the image right he’s got images Describe what he’s talking about and that is what you ought to wear your blog post. you would like to create it as in-depth as possible Okay, you would like to create it the simplest resource that folks can find? Okay Because if you do not then why are people gonna link to your website? you would like it to be the simplest resource? so people will share it with their friends because when people are sharing things with their friends, they need to share like really amazing things. Okay, because they need to they themselves they need to appear good they do not want to share sort of a website which only has sort of a few hundred words for your content they need to share a whole blog post because it’s amazing. Okay, and you wish to create sure that you simply have sub-headlines everywhere to explain each of the most points and you do not want to possess huge blocks of text like that if you really head to here Like as you’ll see just like the text is extremely detached. it isn’t like, you recognize one huge block of text Okay, it is very conversational So to form it more conversational you would like to use the words, you recognize You and that I so what you’ll actually do is you’ll also attend another website which is named I believe Smarter vlogger, I feel I believe is by John morrow Okay, and he’ll tell you ways to you recognize, right a very good blog post Okay, because I’m not the expert in writing a blog post.

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